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Laundry Service - Rochester, NY

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We wash it, dry it, fold it and deliver it.
24 hour turnaround.

Why do people use a Wash and Fold service?

Are you looking for a fast, affordable, and incredibly convenient Wash n’ Fold Laundry Service in Monroe or Ontario counties? Well, look no further than Bright Bubble.

Our Wash n’ Fold Laundry Service is perfect for busy professionals, on-the-go families, or just anyone who doesn’t have the time to do their laundry. We’ll separate your items, wash and dry it all, fold it, and package it up. All you have to do is drop it off. 

Schedule Pickup or Drop off at our Monroe Ave. location. Try our wash and fold services today and get 15% off your first order. Use promo code “CLEAN15” at checkout. 

Wash and fold delivery or pick up service in Rochester, NY


It’s Simple. Place your order,
and we handle the rest.

Sign up today or login into your account, then place your order.

Place your laundry outside for pick up. (Place all items in laundry bag or hung up for dry cleaning service).

We will pick up your laundry, wash, dry, fold and deliver to your front door. Next day delivery, guaranteed!


It’s Simple. Place your order,
and we handle the rest.


The Best & Brightest Commercial Laundry Service in Rochester, NY

Quality linen services for restaurants, spas, hotels, chiropractic offices, and more.

First-rate towel service for spas, hair salons, nail parlors, gyms, and more.

Top-notch uniform services that keep your teams looking pristine.

Need new mop heads, cleaning materials, or PPEs? Bright Bubble has you covered.

Promote sanitation and prevent the spread of contagion with our medical services.

We clean everything from pillowcases and sheets to blankets, towels, bathrobes, and everything in between.

Keep your 5-star status with Bright Bubble’s restaurant and catering linen services.

Are you tired of washing your Airbnb linens and towels over and over again? Let us take that responsibility off of your hands.


Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“This is where I always do my laundry. The facility and machines are very clean and well maintained. The owner is a nice guy and makes a point to greet and welcome his customers.”

Lisa Mattia

“What a great place! Awesome staff. Super clean. I felt comfortable and safe here. The machines are clean & quick. The owner was on site & constantly cleaning and helping. I have an old washer & dryer at my apartment and I STILL might come here to do laundry! You can tell a lot of thought was put in to making this place great.”

Lisa Mattia

“Great laundromat! The other reviews are accurate. Staff is always cleaning and checking on customers. As for pricey, they have machines at all levels. The better/bigger the machine the more you pay, it’s reasonable. And you can play arcade games while you wait!”

Jenny Distaffen


An Easy, Affordable and Reliable Laundry Service.


Try our wash and fold services today and get 15% off your first order. Use promo code "CLEAN15" at checkout.


Learn more about our flexible laundry commercial solutions that can be tailored to your unique business needs.