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A Little About Us

Get to Know Bright Bubble

Bright Bubble began as a coin-operated laundromat in 2014, and for a few years, that was what we were all about.

Fast-forward to the present, and we’re a whole lot more.

Today, Bright Bubble is a one-stop-shop for all of your laundry needs. Not only are we still the area’s go-to laundromat, offering incredibly simple wash-and-fold services, but we’re also the largest independently owned commercial laundry provider around.

That’s right.

Bright Bubble has the industrial equipment and experienced team required to help hotels, healthcare facilities, country clubs, dental offices, and more keep their linens looking like new.

At Bright Bubble, we pride ourselves on being your destination for all of your laundry and linen needs.

Wash and Fold laundry service in Rochester, NY
Wash and Fold laundry service in Rochester, NY

Our History

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

Bright Bubble arrived on the scene in 2014 and quickly established itself as Rochester’s premier coin-operated and self-service laundromat.

Until 2018, this was our claim to fame, but we knew this was just the beginning; we wanted to be more than just the neighborhood laundromat.

When we realized no one in the area was offering an all-in-one laundry service, we saw our opportunity.

So, we did the only logical thing: Launched the first wash and fold laundry service in Rochester. That was in 2019.

Since then, we invested in a new logoed delivery vans, website, and POS system—we even installed software in our machines so our customers can easily pay with their smartphones.

Then, in 2019, we took things even further and opened Bright Bubble Laundry & Linen Service to help businesses launder customer-owned goods (COG) as well as rent linens in several industries, including hotels, healthcare, country clubs, dental, industrial, hair salon/spas, event planners and more.

And now, as we settle into our new 10,000 square foot plant equipped with all new equipment, we continue to look for ways to expand and help the entire region keep their laundry clean.

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